Product Review: Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Hand Soap

sugar scrub review

This year is seeing a lot of growth for me as a blogger, and that includes joining with companies like Purex and Dial as a reviewer. It’s exciting! I’ve always enjoyed Dial products, so I was interested in using and reviewing their new Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing Hand Soap.

I initially put the bottle in the kids/guest bathroom, but it was clear after not very long at all that that wasn’t going to work long term. You see, Small Fry did not like this soap at all. I’m not sure why, but every time he went to the bathroom and had to wash up afterwards, it was a fight. He just prefers our bar soap instead. So I quickly (after just a few hours) moved the Dial to the kitchen, where it’s found its home ever since then.

So, because of this move, I was the main one who used this soap. Everyone else pretty much washes their hands in the bathroom, but I have to wash my hands in the kitchen frequently during cooking, and it was nice to have a simple soap pump there for doing so (as opposed to just using dish soap, which is what I usually do). I really liked the feel of this soap, too. It’s full of “scrubbers” that feel really nicely on your hands. I just love the feeling of having my hands scrubbed by texture in my soap. But there weren’t too many scrubbers, either. I would have been happy with more of the scrubby “balls,” but as it is, it’s a nice amount. It’s not so much that it would be overwhelming for sensitive hands, but there are enough to make your hands feel lovely after washing.

The only thing I didn’t like about this soap was the scent. I can’t quite place what it smells like, but I didn’t like it. It’s not enough to deter me from use because the soap feels so nice, but next time I try it out, I’ll try a different scent (probably the yellow raspberry/black sugar). Also, quick disclaimer on the scent: I’m perfectly willing to admit that my aversion to it might be first trimester sensitivities. Please don’t let my opinion on the scent dissuade you from trying it.


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Homeschool Curriculum Review: Great Parents Academy

I knew that our current web-based math subscription was due to expire soon, so when I learned that there was a new one available for review, I looked over it with my kids, and we decided to give it a try. Boy are we glad we did!

GPA LEARN has developed a wonderful math curriculum for elementary age student (grades K-5) called GPALOVEMATH. We’ve had the pleasure of using this program (I received a one-year subscription) for the past seven weeks or so.

Because Seahawk was working through a workbook during this time, this review will focus primarily on Munchkin and his use of the program. I will note, however, that just recently Seahawk has joined the GPA party. [Read more…]

Book Review and #Giveaway: Texas K9 Unit Series

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I recently joined FlyBy Promotions as a reviewer, and my first review for them is this one. And better yet, they’ve given me a copy of a book to give away to one of you! I’m super excited to host my first giveaway, and I can’t wait to announce the winner of this giveaway later this week. But first, the review.

I didn’t actually review the book that I’m giving away, but I did read a book of the same genre by the same author. For the purposes of this review, I was given a copy of Texas K-9 Unit Series of e-books. This set is available for $11.99 on Amazon. I received a single PDF which included: Tracking Justice by Shirlee McCoy, Detection Mission by Margaret Daley, and Guard Duty by Sharon Dunn. Because of the time limitation for this review, I’ve only had a chance to read Tracking Justice thus far, so that’s what I’ll be reviewing today.

Summary of Tracking Justice

When  young Brady Billows is discovered missing in the middle of the night, his (single) mother, Eva, does what any mom would do: she calls the police. When the detective who shows up on her door at 2 a.m. is the handsome Austin Black (and his bloodhound, Justice), Eva knows she’s in trouble. Can she walk the line between allowing Austin to be the father-figure she knows Brady needs while still protecting him from disappointment when Austin leaves after the case is solved? And just as importantly, can she learn to trust Austin herself? Can she give him her heart? Or will she be the one responsible for Austin’s departure after the case? [Read more…]

Book Review: Still Life by Christa Parrish


Ada is born into a strict sect of “Christianity” named for her father, the self-proclaimed prophet. In this environment, women are treated as second-class citizens, never to use technology of any sort without the immediate supervision of their husband, father, or older brother (in that order). Her only access to the outside world is in the form of her employment at the sect’s farmstore, where she works as a cashier. Her world spins out of control when Julian Goetz, world-famous photographer, comes to her store, on assignment to document life in the sect. She hears – senses – a voice telling her to meet Julian out by a tree just a few days after they meet. She doesn’t know who (or what) it is, but she obeys. Funny thing is, Julian heard the same voice and met Ada at the tree. Neither knowing why, but both knowing that they must, they leave together and marry.

Katherine Walker is a woman in a bad marriage. She has two teenage boys, and they’re all that’s keeping her with her husband. But she’s not faithful to him. During a business trip, she learns that her flight home has been overbooked. She strikes up a conversation with a young man in the airport and learns that he’s trying desperately to get home to his wife for her birthday. He’s been bumped; she hasn’t. In order to gain an extra night with her lover, she offers the young man her seat. That man is Julian Goetz. [Read more…]