For the month of July, some friends of mine on the Schoolhouse Review Crew are hosting a 31-day posting challenge, and I thought it might be fun to join in. There are a couple of days where I have specific things to write about already, so I won’t be doing the challenge on those days, but my goal is to do them the rest of the days. Hopefully it all works out!

The first day, the theme is “Who.” That means it’s just a basic introductory post about me. Rather than write it all out here, I’m going to offer a few highlights and then give you a couple of quick links if you want more information.

First off, I’m Wendy. I’ve been married to Will since 2001; we got married when we just 19 (me) and 20 (him). Our birthdays are only two days apart – mine’s this coming Friday and his is Sunday – although he’s a year (minus two days) older. I’m a stay at home mom of three boys, expecting one more child in mid-November. We’ll find out gender next week. I’m super excited about that! I homeschool my children with the help of the Schoolhouse Review Crew (yay for free curriculum in exchange for writing a review). We live in a fairly small town (population approximately 20,000) in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived here my entire life – the general area always, and this town all but 3 years. All three of my children were born at the same hospital as I was. Seahawk, my oldest, was born in the same physical location, and the other two, Munchkin and Small Fry, were born after the new hospital was built, but I still count it as the same because it’s the same “company,” just a new facility. (And for those of you thinking I don’t know how to name children, those aren’t their real names. We gave them nicknames to use here on the blog to help maintain their safety.)

So there’s us in a nutshell. For more, be sure to click on my about page. That covers info on all 5 members of my family. For more on just me, I did a special birthday post in 2013 and another in 2014 that was chalk full of random facts about me.


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Make sure and visit Lynn at This Day Has Great Potential and Jennifer at A Glimpse of Our Life; they’re the hosts of this month’s challenge. There’s a linkup at each of their blogs where I’m connecting with other bloggers working through their challenge. If you blog and want to join in, one of those blogs is the place to go.


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