5 Random Things: April 10, 2020

5 random things

80ABF8C8-5B61-4799-ABF8-026D51899C4C1. I’ve been crocheting stuffed animals. I found a site with super cute, free patterns. I’ve made a unicorn for Bumblebee. I named him Edward, which seemed appropriate since baby’s middle name is the same as my dad’s first, and Edward was my dad’s middle name. Then I made a giraffe for Dragonfly since that’s his favorite animal. With a little help from his brothers, he decided to name him George. A second unicorn is on my hook now; it will be a gift for Grasshopper’s “girlfriend” (a girl in one of his dance classes who has a huge crush on him; with everything being canceled, they miss each other terribly, so we’re making her a gift.)

035A79A8-7179-4B04-AB0F-A535D3011A432. Bumblebee (19 months) got his first major haircut this week. As I posted on Instagram, I turned my baby into a little boy. Always a bit of a bittersweet moment, but he wears short hair well.

3. We’re doing pretty well, despite the statewide quarantine. Will saw a decrease in business the first two weeks, but now things are practically back to normal. We miss going out to our favorite restaurants, but this new normal is at least not destroying his business.

D6587F1E-2128-4D7A-9E72-CA201841C7214. He’s doing so well, in fact, that he was able to buy me a Louis Vuitton handbag. Two years ago I couldn’t imagine having anything other than a Walmart-type purse; today I have many luxury handbags. 

5. Dragonfly (4 years old) is learning to read! I was assigned a review that I didn’t think would work for him, but (without giving too much away before the official review goes up later this month), I have been surprised by him. 

Bonus random thing: I recently perfected a recipe for ground beef sausage, so I hope to get that posted soon.


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