5 Random Things ~ August 21

5 random things

1. I recently started taking the Aqua Zumba class at our local pool. It’s for about an hour twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). I really enjoy the class. It’s a very low-impact workout, but definitely a workout. Because a lot of our normal activities (biking, tennis…) are considered “risky” during pregnancy, we haven’t done as much of those this summer. Will and the boys walk a lot to get their exercise, but that’s hard on my hips so I typically pick them up in the car once they’ve gone several miles away. The Aqua Zumba class is perfect for me to also get some good exercise in. And because it happens in the evenings, I don’t miss very much of the boys on those days. They usually go on a walk with Will while I’m at class, and he puts them bed before I get home. I come home and give them kisses.

2. One of the quilts I finished last week wasn’t very good. I didn’t even bother labeling it with my name or taking pictures of it. I was that embarrassed/ashamed of it. So needless to say, it won’t be appearing here. Will thinks I’m crazy for that and that your average person wouldn’t even have noticed the imperfections. Due to his point of view, I did go ahead and finish the quilt (which did have some redeeming characteristics – the pieced binding I did that took forever to make added a nice layer of depth and interest to the quilt, for instance), but I still wasn’t happy enough to keep it or document it. When my dad came over one day last week, I asked him if he wanted it at his house for when grandchildren came to visit, and he said sure, so I gave it to him. He thought it was pretty great, so I’m glad the quilt has gone to a good home.

3. On a similar note, the turtle quilt I shared about a couple of weeks ago met a similar fate. I wasn’t as pleased with it as I’d hoped to be, so it’s gone to my mom’s house for snuggling grandsons (between my brother and me, she has 5, soon to be 6, grandsons and no granddaughters) in.

4. Small Fry is really into the book Go, Dog! Go! lately, so we’ve been reading that once or twice a day. When I read it to him today, he could quote several pages of it in a row. And he very cutely said, “I read it!” (Read, of course being pronounced as the present tense of the verb – reed – not the past tense – red.)  He was so proud of himself πŸ™‚

5. Speaking of reading, the summer reading program at our library concluded this week. We decided that next summer, we’re going to buy some prizes for our boys to earn and do a private summer reading/French program rather than participating in the library’s. Two or three years ago, they switched systems so that with every 10 days read (or being read to, in the case of younger children), each child gets an entry into a drawing for a prize rather than actually getting a prize. It’s rather discouraging to read every day for 60+ days and not get anything at the end (which has happened to my boys ever since this new way of doing things started – until this year, when Small Fry won something). Combine that with the fact that Seahawk is in the “teen” program now, even though he’s only 11, where you can theoretically get entries into the drawings and never read a single book, and we’ve decided we’d rather pass next year. We want to encourage our kids to read during the summer, not get disappointed over reading for “no reason” or look for ways to game the system.

What’s going on with your family this week?


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  1. Hi Wendy! It’s fun to check in and see what’s going on with you guys. First of all, I love your graphic, it makes me want to jump in a pool. Right now! LOL! πŸ™‚ I’ve never heard of aquatic Zumba, I’ve done regular Zumba though, which is a lot of fun. I love that you guys exercise as a family together.

    I don’t doubt that you are a much harsher critic on your quilts than anyone else ever would be!

    I can see why you’d be discouraged about the library reading program. I can see that would cause some disappointment. Our library gives a prize in June, a prize in July (just for stopping by with your reading card) and in the end they let you select a book, give each child a ticket to the Natural History Museum, and for adults, they give you a book or a $5 fine waiver. I ALWAYS take the fine waiver. Ha!

    I hope you’re feeling well!
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    • Wendy

      Sanz!! I’m so glad to hear from you! Thank you so much for stopping by to read and comment :). The aqua zumba is really fun. I’ve been going twice a week for about three weeks now, and I finally know what people are talking about when they mention the “exercise high.” I’ve never gotten that before, but I get it every time from aqua zumba. I’ve never done regular zumba, but I might explore that after baby arrives. For now, the low-impact of being in the pool is better for me.

      I’m sure you’re right about being overly critical of the quilt. It was one of those situations where it looked alright from far away (as in, laying it on the ground and standing above it), but close up, it was a hot mess. lol

      It’s not that there are *no* prizes for the younger kids, but there aren’t any guarantees for teens and adults. But the “guaranteed” prizes for the kids are things like bouncy balls and rubber ducks. We did also get some books to keep, though. Each child gets one for signing up, and then there was a family prize of a book for reading 60 days. We chose Percy Jackson ~ The Lightning Thief, and it’s our current read-aloud. The younger boys also got zoo tickets, which we need to use soon. They don’t expire right away, but I want to go before I’m *too* uncomfortable to walk around for hours.

      Thanks again for stopping by! I’ve missed you πŸ™‚

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