52 Lists: Games and Apps

favorite games

This week’s list is a super light one. Here are some of my favorite games and apps.

Board/Card Games:

  • Clue
  • Mancala (pictured above)
  • Archery Dice (when I play with the kids)
  • Snake Oil (also fun with the kids)
  • Nuts (card game I haven’t played in years, but was always super fun when hubby and I played with his parents before we were married; some people call it Nertz, so you might know it by that name)

Outdoor Games:


  • Matching with Friends (I’m wmr1601 if you want to find me)
  • Gummy Drop

What are your favorite games to play?


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  1. This week’s list has my wheels spinning to plan a game night!

    I’m playing catch up on blog visits, but I really do love to stop by, visit, and read each list. Thank you for participating!

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