Birthday Celebrations, Fairy Tale Style

The first half of July is a busy time for birthdays in my family – half of us have our birthdays all within a 9-day span. To celebrate this year, we decided to take the kids to a fun place near our home – Enchanted Forest. It’s a theme park done in fairy tales. Upon paying the entrance fee, you walk a path that takes you on a meandering journey through a wide variety of houses (life size sculptures, many of which you can actually go inside) from pretty much every fairy tale and nursery rhyme you can think of – and many you probably can’t.

For something so visual, I think a photo essay with captions is the best way to share our experience.


Humpty Dumpty


Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet


Hansel and Gretel



Mary Had a Little Lamb


Jack and Jill