• Wendy

      I don’t want the takeaway to be that the book was bad. I didn’t think so at all; in fact, I enjoyed reading it. Here are my main problems, though:

      1. Hope was unlikeable. She was mean and self-centered. But because it was fiction, all the guys were fawning all over her.
      2. John was weak. Yes, they were legally married, and therefore should definitely have reconciled, but he was too into her, despite her meanness.
      3. Both were dumb. The whole aspect where they didn’t get that Aunt Verna was planning their own wedding was completely unbelievable. No one would be that naive.

      If it was already on your radar as something you wanted to read, I can definitely recommend it. But I don’t want to suggest it to someone who has limited reading time. For that person, I would recommend something heartier with better characters.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kemi 🙂

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