birthday SFA certain little boy in our family had a birthday last week. That’s right – Small Fry is now officially 2!

This little guy is a real treat to know. He has his moments, like any of us, but as a rule he’s a wonderful child. He loves fuzzy critters of all kinds. Whenever we’re out walking and he sees someone with a dog, he always stops to point it out to us. His favorite place to be is outside – he doesn’t care where outside, just out in nature! He doesn’t seem to mind whether or not he wears clothes, but he adores his shoes. He would probably wear them to bed if I’d let him! But as much as he loves his shoes, he’s also perfectly happy to go out without them if it means he can get out of the house. He prefers vegetables to meat, but he does like chicken and fish when we give it to him. I don’t think he’s ever met a fruit he didn’t like! He also likes his sweets, though, so we have to be careful with them. He’s been known to turn into a bit of a monster baby if someone has ice cream and he doesn’t! [Read more…]