Picture of the Week: Walking the Dog

walking the dog

There’s a lady in our church who brings her dog on Sundays. We were in the Fellowship Hall with Small Fry after church, and Romeo (the dog) was just minding his business, sitting underneath a table.

Well …

A certain little boy couldn’t have that! He found the dog’s leash and promptly started leading him all around the room. And it’s a big room!

Fortunately, the dog’s owner didn’t mind – she insisted I take pictures!



Picture of the Week: Sing Your Heart Out


We were cooling our heels after church last week while hubby talked to his dad, and Small Fry found the wireless mic hiding in the pulpit. When Grandpa’s the pastor, you get a little more leniency in where you can go as a kid in the church ;). Of course we had to take the microphone away almost immediately, but I couldn’t resist snapping a picture first.



Picture of the Week: Harry Potter. Or Yoda. Depends Who You Ask


Yesterday was laundry day, and every single item that Small Fry owns was in there. I washed the clothes at home, and then hubby took them to the laundromat to dry (that’s our normal protocol in the rainy season when we can’t air dry our clothes outside). But I needed to go for a walk to the store for dinner stuff. It wouldn’t do to take a baby out in only a diaper in November. July, yes. But not November. So I put one of Munchkin’s shirts on him. It was way too big, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Seahawk thought Small Fry looked like Harry Potter in the too-big shirt – it looked like a wizard’s robe – so he put Munchkin’s glasses on the baby for a quick photo. When hubby got home and saw the baby walking around, he alluded him to Yoda. Either way, funny :).

Have a blessed weekend.



We had a baby shower at church last weekend. I wasn’t able to go because hubby and the kids had the car in Portland (they went to a local comic-con, much smaller than the huge San Diego one hubby went to in July), and our church is 18 miles away. But I made a gift anyway.

She’s having a little girl, so I took full advantage of making pink things! Everything around my house is blue…

First, I made a hooded bath towel. We have one of these for each of our boys (even the older ones – they love them!) so I thought it would be a good gift.



It was quite easy to make. Buy a yard of terry cloth, and cut a 13×13 inch square out of one corner.  Cut off three strips that are each 1.5″ times the length of your fabric (usually 43″). From the remainder, cut a square as large as you can get – probably in the 31-inch range. Round off all four corners of the large square and two opposite corners of the small one. Fold the small square in half diagonally with the rounded corners together. Stitch the raw edges together. This triangle will become the hood.

Line the raw edges of the hood up with the raw edges of one corner of the main towel piece. Sew together. Sew the reserved strips to the edge of the towel, quilt binding style. If you don’t know how to do that, click here. Vanessa from The Crafty Gemini explains it so clearly. After four years of quilting, I learned how to properly a quilt from her video tutorial – just a few months ago.

I also made this changing pad.


It’s flannel on both sides (nice and soft for baby!) with quilt batting in the middle for padding.

What’s your favorite baby shower gift to give?


All About Seahawk: A Back to School Interview


Blog Name: Seahawk

Age: 9, almost 10 (birthday is in October)

Grade: 4 (he’s easier to place a number on since his age and grade line up properly)

Favorite School Subject: History

Favorite Food: Baked Ziti and Ice Cream

Favorite Activities: Playing with Legos and completing triathlons

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: Biographies (he especially likes learning about anyone who lived between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War)

Something You Don’t Like: Cooked mushrooms. They’re fine raw.