Completed 2019 Folk Art Calendar Blanket

When I posted about my blanket a couple of weeks ago, I said that I’d post again when it was finished. Well, I finished it a few days ago, so here’s the final picture! (The final appliqués were the whales.)



ladybug-signature-3 copy


  1. Portia Roberson

    This is a beautiful Blanket. I’m in the middle of making two Jayda in stiches folk art blankets. I was wondering on your greens what colors did you use in the yarn. I absolutely love those colors. I have spring Green yarn I was thinking I’d use that close to the top of my blanket. But I don’t no what color to use in the darker green section. I made my water teal blue. I made a beach for the first row. It’s soft beige color . I forgot what color it is but it’s a beach shade though. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks portia Roberson

    • Wendy

      Hi there! I don’t remember exactly what colors I used, but I’m about 99% sure they were all the Walmart brand. My water is navy, and the brown is Red Heart super saver caffe latte. The light green is Mainstays (Walmart) spring green. I don’t remember the specifics of the dark green and the sky blue. I’m sorry!

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