D is for Division

d is for division copy

As much as we struggled with multiplication facts with the boys, I was beginning to think we’d never move on to division. But I’m pleased to say that we have done just that.

After Will saw the way our current math program was teaching the topic (it was insanely crazy and confusing, using “longs and shorts” – is this a Common Core thing, does anyone know?), he made the decision I should have: teaching long division the normal way. He spent about an hour with the boys and they came out the other end of that one lesson able to divide.

And now, on to fractions!




  1. Sanz

    Awesome! Did you have any advice for mastering multiplication facts? I’m thinking memorization really is going to be the only way to go for us. This is something I was thinking about just this morning. I don’t know the answer about your division/common core question. 🙂

    • Memorization is the only way to go for multiplication facts. We tried a lot of different things and the most helpful were Learning Wrap-ups. Second most helpful was UberSmart Math Facts.

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