1. Great fun! You know, we didn’t do any history or geography this year. We have done a lot of science, though. I was thinking we would switch those two around next year and do a more simple science and more in depth history or geography curriculum. I have seriously considered doing the 50 states…hmmm…more to think about!

    • If you’re looking for a great history series, I recommend “From Sea to Shining Sea Young Readers Edition” by Peter Marshall et al. You can get it in paperback or ebook from Amazon and it’s a wonderful history of America that focuses on how God was taking an active role in our development as a country. There are 2 other books as well; that’s just the first one.

      The 50 states is a natural choice for geography; your theme each week is predetermined! LOL! Just check the library for books (or use wikipedia) .

      Thank you for commenting. It really means a lot to me that you do. Keeps me from feeling like I’m writing to no one.

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