Homeschooling Kids With a Large Age Gap, part 1

This week is an exciting one here on the blog. It’s the annual “5 Days of Homeschool” Blog Hop through the Homeschool Review Crew. Several of us will be sharing things about our homeschool, homeschooling tips, how to keep your homeschooling mojo going when you just can’t (or don’t want to), and more. Everyone who’s participating will have between 3 and 5 posts on their chosen topic. My topic, as you can tell based on the title of this post, is what it’s like to homeschool kids when you have a large age gap to contend with, and tips on making that task a bit easier.

Homeschooling when your kids have a large age gapTo tackle this topic, I’ve decided to explore some of the things that have worked for our family (keeping in mind that they won’t work for every family or in every situation), and turn them into tips. Here’s what I’ll be talking about:

Tuesday: When Everyone Wants a Piece of You (Time Management Tips)

Wednesday: Help a Gal Out (Letting the Big Kids Help the Little Kids)

Thursday: Can You Do It? Yes, You Can! (Trusting Your Big Kids to Work on Their Own)

Friday: When You’re Not the Right Person for the Job (Exporting Big Kids’ Subjects to Other Teachers)

Besides these posts, I’ll also have a literature product review up tomorrow, so make sure to come back tomorrow for double postings. This will be an exciting week; I can’t wait!


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5 Days of Homeschool Annual Blog Hop - 2017


  1. Love this topic. Okay so I only have one child but this is something I wonder about. And would you believe with only one child, a husband, and an aging mother everyone wants a piece of me! ?

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