1. I keep thinking I should give cloth diapering a try with baby #4 coming soon, but I just don’t know that I’ve got it in me to do it! If only I had started with #1, it would seem so much easier to justify buying all those cute cloth diapers!

    • Congrats on baby #4!! Since this post, I’ve actually switched away from gDiapers and into full-time regular cloth diapers, and I love it! I spent months researching various cloth diapers (both while I was pregnant and for the first 3 or so months of Small Fry’s life) and trying to figure out the most financially friendly way of getting started, and in the end, I made my own. It cost me about $60 (plus probably another $100 in “failed” experiments, lol) to make 15 diapers, which is enough for my son. I’m so glad I explored this road. If you get “AIOs,” (all-in-ones), which are what mine are, it’s really no different or harder than disposables – you just wash them instead of tossing them. And if you get one-size-fits-most, which mine also are, you don’t have to worry about buying more as your baby grows. If you have any sewing experience at all, I highly recommend the book “How to Make (all in one, one size fits most) Cloth Diapers” by Jennifer Berry. It’s about $5 for the Kindle version on Amazon. And if you’re a Prime member, I believe it’s available in the lending library, so wouldn’t have to buy it at all.

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