Leather Armor

As I mentioned last week, Ballet Boy took up the hobby of swords and related things when ballet classes were put on indefinite hold due to COVID-19.


He started by purchasing a pair of fencing foils from an antique store last fall, and things have been “all swords all the time” ever since. For the holidays, he made a couple of swords (yes, MADE) for gifts. I got a new sewing machine earlier this year, and after a couple of very basic lessons, my oldest child just took on on his own, and his biggest accomplishment (besides making his own swords) has been the “leather” (really vinyl fabric) armor he made for himself.


He didn’t use a pattern, but instead just estimated the size and shape of fabric he would need and cut it straight out. Brave boy!! But it worked out for him. We bought a separating zipper, and he YouTubed his way into installing it correctly. On the areas where he was working with many layers of fabric, he knew that he needed to use rivets instead of stitches, and he did that. Overall, he’s done an amazing job, and I am ridiculously impressed with the work he did on this.


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  1. he did a wonderful job, I’m very impressed with what he pulled together.
    Tell him good job!

    I’m rather curious, how did he make the swords? Did he use metal or doweling rods?

    • Wendy

      He uses long, thin metal sheets (I’m not sure what they’re called, but they’re about 30 inches long, 1-2 inches wide, and 1/8 inch thick). He gets them for between $3 and $7 USD, depending on which hardware store he goes to. We will do a full post on this later this week or next week (not sure exactly when as he is going to make a new sword for the post so we can photograph the entire process).

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