November 2014 Reading List

A new month means a new reading list! Well, the month is nearly half over (again), and the reading list has a couple of holdovers from October, but that’s okay.

Read Aloud – everyone

egypt gameWe’re still working on The Egypt Game. Because we read Wayside School first last month, we had a late start on TEG, but we’ll definitely finish it this month.









Seahawk – 5th grade

He successfully completed Edward Tulane last month (hooray for Pizza Hut’s Book-it Program and the motivation it provides!) and is now reading Holes by Louis Sachar. When he’s done, we’ll have family movie night with the film version.






Munchkin – 3rd grade

He loved The Indian in the Cupboard, so he’s reading the sequel, Return of the Indian. He’s also reading another Wayside School book, and he finished his book club book (The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, which I mentioned last month) in just one day. He’s my reader, in case you couldn’t tell ;).







Small Fry

He doesn’t technically read, of course, since he’s only two, but we recently decided to get him some of the Franklin books from the library. His brothers (especially Seahawk) loved them when they were his age, so we thought it would be worth a try since to date he hasn’t really shown the patience to sit and listen to story books. It was the right decision! He absolutely loves the two we got for him.


Still working through Dark Places. I don’t think I’ll like it as well as Gone Girl, but I’m only halfway through, so it might pick up. I typically do my personal reading right before bed, so I don’t always get a lot of time in before I fall asleep; it depends on the night. This is why I’m such a slow reader these days.

I’m also awaiting my turn for the new John Grisham book from the library. I put it on hold a couple of weeks before it came out and still ended up right around number 150 on the list.

What’s on your reading list?




  1. Sanz

    I didn’t realize John Grisham had a new book. I’ll put that on hold now. I’m also still waiting for Gone Girl. I just finished Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne (one of my favorite books) and I’m about to start The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Holes is such a fun story!!

    • John Grisham puts a new book out every October, so you can remember for next year :). I got on the list at my library 2 or 3 weeks before the book release and ended up number 78 or so.

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