Picture of the Week: A Black Eye


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Instagram followers will probably recognize this picture (which looks better on the small screen of my phone, lol)…

Last week (9 days ago, to be exact), Seahawk and Small Fry were playing while I worked on something with Munchkin. Suddenly I hear crying (Small Fry) and frantic apologizing (Seahawk), and they come out to see me. Turns out that while they were horsing around, Small Fry came tumbling down and crashed his face right into Seahawk’s knee. (Don’t ask me how that happened…) Within just an hour or so, he had a definite black eye. This picture was taken two days later, and you can see that it’s still quite bruised. Well, today, it’s been a week since this photo, and his poor eye is still all black and blue. He is starting to get some of the green tinge that tells me he’s healing, but it’s still rather surprising how long this black eye is lasting.

Have a great weekend!


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    • Wendy

      It’s true! Boys are so rough and tumble, and things like this barely phase them (at least in the long run). Thanks for commenting, Wren :).

    • Wendy

      Right?! I can’t believe how long it’s taking him to heal. Each morning I think it’s almost better and then by lunchtime, it looks just as bad as ever. We’re coming up on two weeks now… Thanks for the comment, Sanz :).

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