Picture of the Week: Balloon Animals

Last weekend, one of the local grocery stores had their official “grand opening” after having been through a lengthy remodel. They were open the entire time during the remodel, so there wasn’t a big reveal or anything, but they still had a little party with loads of samples, cake walks throughout the day, and clowns making balloon creations for free for any kid who wanted one.

Well, being children, my kids did, in fact, each want one. But they weren’t sure what they wanted, so they essentially told the clown, “Surprise me.” Two of them (plus Will) got swords, and Seahawk (who went to a different clown) got a fishing pole with a fish dangling from it. Because of the nature of balloon creations, by the next day they were already beginning to shrink down. So Seahawk, creative boy that he is, untied the swords and made dogs out of them. It was quite impressive from a mom’s perspective.



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