Picture of the Week: Grenouille

PitW Grenouille


We used to have a frog. It was a tree frog indigenous to the area that Will caught while he was out in a farmer’s field one day (we know the farmer, so it wasn’t weird for him to be there). The frog came through the irrigation pipe with the water. (The water was pulled from the river to water the fields, and there’s a large frog population right near the pump.) He caught the frog, brought her home, and we had her for a pet for about three years. Her official name was Gummy (in honor of the candy, gummy frogs), but we always just called her Froggie.

Unfortunately, Froggie passed away a few months ago. The kids were pretty sad about that, but it was a good life lesson for them. We’ve been pet-free ever since then – until Easter.

Seahawk and my mom arranged a surprise for the rest of us: a new frog! The two of them had been planning this for nearly a month (ever since my parents took the [older] boys to the Exotic Animal Expo at the end of March). This one’s a lot bigger than our other one, and it will get much bigger than it is now. It’s a Pacman frog, named thus because of their huge mouths. We’ve named ours Grenouille (gruh-noo-lya). That’s the French word for “frog.” We thought it was appropriate for our family :).

Do you have any pets?



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