Picture of the Week: Hobo Spider

When Small Fry was getting ready for bed last night, we suddenly heard a blood curdling scream. Fortunately, Seahawk was with him and able to comfort him while he brought his little brother up to see me for additional cuddles and comfort. Will headed downstairs (where the boys’ bedroom is) to investigate what might have caused such a reaction from our three-year-old, and found this guy crawling on Small Fry’s pillow:

spider picture1

We were afraid it might be a brown recluse, so Will caught it to examine and do some research on before just killing it straight away. Fortunately, we were able to eliminate brown recluse as an option (those guys are really dangerous). After about an hour of internet research and comparing photographs of our spider vs those online, we’re comfortable in knowing it’s a hobo spider. They’re venomous but not aggressive or deadly to humans. Just really frightening due to their size – this one is easily 3 inches in diameter including the legs.

The plan is for Will to take it to an exterminator later today for a more precise identification.

Have you ever found super scary bugs in your house?


ladybug-signature-3 copy


    • Wendy

      Very interesting. Thank you for the link and the warning. Fortunately, we’ve already taken the spider to the county etymologist for a more definite identification. They’re also taking care of killing the spider for us. My children want to keep the body and put it in a shadowbox frame – they “collect” bugs for their school room wall.

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