Picture of the Week: In the Rain


rain collage cbw

It’s officially the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest. To “celebrate,” we purchased the boys (all of them, including Will) new rain boots, and a raincoat for Small Fry (which he is not wearing in these pictures – these were taken before we left, and we bought the coat while we were out that day). Will and Small Fry have never had any, and Seahawk and Munchkin either outgrow or wear out theirs each year. Mine are two years old but still in good shape, so I didn’t get new ones. When Will brought the boots home one night earlier this week, Small Fry was so excited! The kids were already in bed but not asleep, so Will let them out to try on their new boots. Small Fry and Munchkin got matching pairs; this is likely the last year Munchkin will have “fun” ones before he’s into the bigger sizes that come in black.

The morning after Will brought them home (the only way to convince Small Fry to go to bed was to promise him that he could wear his boots again in the morning), it was raining, so we all put on our jackets and boots and walked to the store. Small Fry absolutely loved going out in the rain with his boots on. There’s something magical about walking (and jumping) in puddles and staying dry!



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  1. Sanz @ From The Mrs.

    Love the rain! We don’t get enough of it here but did enjoy a full day of rain this weekend. It makes me happy! So adorable that Small Fry loves his rain boots so much!

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