Picture of the Week: Munchkin’s New Bike


Munchkin’s birthday was about three weeks ago; he’s 9 now. We did our traditional “birthday dinner with the grandparents” the night before (his birthday landed on a Sunday), and he chose taquitos with rice and homemade refried beans for that meal. He and Seahawk helped me prepare the food about an hour before everyone was expected to arrive. This made it much less stressful for me! I was glad to have their help, and they learned some valuable kitchen skills at the same time.

100_2140About two weeks before this party, though, my dad came over with Munchkin’s birthday present: a new bike! He (my dad) bought the boys bikes for Christmas two years ago, but the problem with children is that they grow 😉 A seven-year-old is much smaller than a nine-year-old, so it was definitely time for a new bike for Munchkin. Will and I had been debating the best way to make this happen for him, and now we don’t have to!

Happy (belated) birthday, Munchkin!


    • Wendy

      Yeah, it’s a really nice bike. A touch too big for him, though. Not enough that he’s unsafe, but so much so that he has plenty of room to grow into it!

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