Picture of the Week: Then and Now

Baby Dragonfly is 6 months old today. I’m always amazed at how quickly the time goes, especially the first year of a baby’s life. They change so rapidly that it seems like the time is gone in the blink of an eye. I think back to my birth experience often (always fondly), and I long for the days when he was tiny enough that I just wanted to hold him all day long. Now he’s heavy (over 17 pounds!), he’s grown 7 inches since his birth, and he’s a wiggle worm. He doesn’t crawl up on all fours yet, but he inchworms his way around the living room. He hasn’t figured out that he can go around walls, but I know that’s coming.

In honor of Dragonfly’s half-birthday, I want to share a picture of him at birth (technically, he’s two days old in the picture; he was born on Friday, and the photographer came by on Sunday) and a current picture.

Dragonfly at birth

A hospital picture


As a side note, I find it coincidentally appropriate that he was born on Friday the 13th, and his very first half-birthday also falls on Friday the 13th. How neat šŸ™‚



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