Pictures of the Week: Picking Berries


Berry picking no. 2

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I posted these pictures on Instagram earlier in the week, but I want to put them up here as well. Last week (or maybe it was the week before…) I took the boys berry picking. The last time we’d gone was in 2013, and while we were successful in bringing berries home on that trip, the boys didn’t enjoy the experience. It was really hot, and they were too young (at 6 and 9) to do very well at it. It took us hours to bring home just a few pounds of berries.


Berry picking no. 3

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Fast forward to this year. Now that they’re 8 and 11 – and Small Fry is almost 3, so old enough to help instead of just sleep the entire time – we had a much more positive experience. Small Fry and I shared one bucket, and Seahawk and Munchkin shared another one. Within half an hour or so, we’d nearly filled both buckets, putting us about $4 over what I’d budgeted for the trip. But that’s okay; who can say no to additional fresh marionberries?!


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