We had a baby shower at church last weekend. I wasn’t able to go because hubby and the kids had the car in Portland (they went to a local comic-con, much smaller than the huge San Diego one hubby went to in July), and our church is 18 miles away. But I made a gift anyway.

She’s having a little girl, so I took full advantage of making pink things! Everything around my house is blue…

First, I made a hooded bath towel. We have one of these for each of our boys (even the older ones – they love them!) so I thought it would be a good gift.



It was quite easy to make. Buy a yard of terry cloth, and cut a 13×13 inch square out of one corner.  Cut off three strips that are each 1.5″ times the length of your fabric (usually 43″). From the remainder, cut a square as large as you can get – probably in the 31-inch range. Round off all four corners of the large square and two opposite corners of the small one. Fold the small square in half diagonally with the rounded corners together. Stitch the raw edges together. This triangle will become the hood.

Line the raw edges of the hood up with the raw edges of one corner of the main towel piece. Sew together. Sew the reserved strips to the edge of the towel, quilt binding style. If you don’t know how to do that, click here. Vanessa from The Crafty Gemini explains it so clearly. After four years of quilting, I learned how to properly a quilt from her video tutorial – just a few months ago.

I also made this changing pad.


It’s flannel on both sides (nice and soft for baby!) with quilt batting in the middle for padding.

What’s your favorite baby shower gift to give?


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