1. WOW! I am so sorry about Munchkin’s injury! I wonder if I would have known to take a child to the hospital for a fall/swollen/bloody nose. I hope that I would have realized the severity of the situation because I had no idea something like this could result from that. What a wonderful thing you are doing for those children and the quilts are beautiful! I bet you find so much satisfaction in doing this!

    • You would’ve known. His face was roughly one and a half times its normal size and blood was dripping everywhere. Turns out he cracked his upper jaw – like a crack in your windshield. No cast required, though; it healed itself. And I forgot to mention: the AVM wasn’t a result from the fall; it was an undetected birth defect. Genetic but not hereditary, so it’s unlikely our other kids have it. The fall prompted doctors to get brain scans, which revealed the problem. So while the fall was awful, it was definitely a blessing. God was really looking out for Munchkin!

      I do love making the quilts :). Especially since I’ve found tools in the past couple of months that make it easier with more professional results :).

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