Something Crafty for Baby

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we have a new nephew. There was a baby shower for the little guy about three weeks ago, and I wasn’t really in the mood to sew something, but I always prefer to give hand-made gifts over store-bought ones. So after a lot of time on the yarn aisle – a lot of time – I finally picked a color that I liked (blue and brown variegated) and found a pattern I thought I could do. Here’s the result:

baby jacket

The pattern comes from Lion Brand, and it was so easy! You just have to crochet five rectangles – one for the back of the jacket, two for the fronts of the jacket, and two for the sleeves – and then stitch them all together. I also made a hat to go with it. The buttons slide between stitches on the opposite side, so you don’t even have to count out where to put buttonholes. It was the perfect project for me at this point – I got the crocheting bug satisfied without having to stress over a complex pattern or a large blanket. And I was able to make the jacket and the hat with only two skeins of yarn, which kept my wallet happy too! (Not that I was trying to be cheap, but when you can give a heartfelt gift without breaking the bank, that’s the best kind of all!)

What’s your favorite baby gift to give?



Please note: The pattern is free, but you have to sign up for a free account with the Lion Brand website to access it.

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