1. LOL! “The only purse I don’t hate!” 🙂 I had more than 40 purses and handbags until I had a yard sale 2 years ago. Now I’m probably down to 20 or so. Still a bit extreme, don’t ya think!! I never change my bag out any more though. I use my Kavu backpack every single day. I’m convinced I’m going to have to design my own bag to get exactly what I want. Who designs these “mom” bags? It can’t be real moms or they’d be more practical!! : )

    • 40?!! I can’t even imagine that! Even 20 is beyond my comprehension. But then, you’ve seen my closet lol. Right now I have 2, and one will go in the yard sale tomorrow and to Goodwill if no one buys it. It’s cute (a crocheted hobo bag), but impractical – it stretches in weird places and since it’s crocheted, my keys poke out and pens and pencils fall out the holes. I’m glad to have another Lindie bag.

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