1. I love this… and good for you! I wrote a posting back in December 2010 entitled: Santa Won’t Be Coming To Our House. Back when I wrote it, I simply didn’t want to “lie” to my child. Now that I’ve turned my life to Christ I am relieved that we made this decision.

    So many people have a tough time understanding why we chose to do things this way… but that’s okay.

    Blessings to you. Have a wonderful day.

    • I went back and read your post. Very good. We have definitely come to realize that we’re the “different” ones in our circle, but we’re okay with that. It’s more important to be right with God than popular with humans.

      God bless you.

  2. This is the most interesting argument I’ve “heard” against Santa and others. I have heard some parents say they don’t want to lie or they don’t want to focus on mythical creatures or they think it’s stupid, but never that they wouldn’t believe them about other things: Christ specifically. I think you’ve got the most compelling anti-Santa argument! 🙂 How have you handled this with their friends? Meaning, have you told them not to tell or is that not a concern? Have a great day Wendy!

    • I’m glad I’ve given you something to think about! As for handling this in social situations, our kids are old enough and savvy enough to no longer be influenced by other people trying to convince them of these characters (specifically my dad, lol). On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve also discussed with them that they need to be sensitive around their friends who may still believe. They’re not to burst any kids’ bubble; that’s up to the child’s parents.

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