Wednesday Chat #11

chatsonthefarmhouseporchHello, everyone. I trust you’re having a wonderful week.

Here are this week’s questions. As ever, make sure to head on over to Everyday Ruralty to join the linkup yourself or read answers to these questions from other bloggers.

Other than those who live in your home, who’s the last person who came to your door?

One of the neighbor girls. She was asking if the boys could play. They couldn’t, yet. But in just a few minutes, we’re going to take our kids, the girl, and her brother (and possibly a couple of other of the kids’ friends) to the high school football field for a game of two-hand-touch football.

Do you have many photos around your home?

We have them, but they’re not displayed. They were in our last apartment, but the house, though much bigger, doesn’t seem to have as many good walls for hanging things on. It’s much more open than the apartment was. So for now, until we move again, the photographs are just sitting on the floor of the closet in the sewing room.

Do you like mint? Is there a favorite type of mint for you? How do you enjoy it?

I like mint alright. My favorite is wintergreen; you get the lovely minty flavor without burning your tongue off like peppermint tends to do. As for using it, well, I’ve never before used fresh mint in anything. Usually I just buy Altoids!

Do you enjoy your own parties and other times with guests, or are you usually so busy you . . . ?

A little bit of both. I’m not usually done with the prep work before guests arrive, so talking to them and welcoming them usually falls on Will and the boys. Once everything is finished, I take a breather and spend time with our guests. Depending on who our guests are, sometimes the dishes happen right away and sometimes they wait until the guest(s) have gone home. Family usually gets to chat with us while we wash, friends get our undivided attention.

What do you want to be when you grow up more? Job, hobby, self improvement, etc . . .

When I was a teenager, I was always interested in Law. As a young adult, I was interested in medicine – as a medical assistant, not a doctor. Right now, I’m enjoying life with my boys. When they’re grown and living on their own, I’ll reevaluate and see what interests me at that point in life.

Thank you for joining me for today’s chat!




  1. We’re getting ready to move and I’m hoping there will be places for pictures. I hadn’t really thought about it. In our current home they’ve been just filed away on shelves and in boxes. Food for thought. Hmmm…..

    • It will depend a lot on your floor plan. Ours is very open, so the only good walls for hanging pictures are in the bedrooms or in the hallway. But the hallway is pretty dark, so we’ve mostly avoided it…

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