Wednesday Chat #5



Good morning, everyone. I hope you’re having a great week so far! I’ve got another round of chat questions from Everyday Ruralty today. Enjoy.

Do you enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, or other “word” activities?

I do. Most crossword puzzles are too hard for me to finish though. I particularly enjoy “fill-ins,” which are crossword puzzles, but instead of a list of clues, there’s a list of words and you have to figure out how all the letters cross to make them fit into the puzzle. I also like Sudoku puzzles, but those are numbers, not words.

What’s on your dining room table right now?

If the boys did their job, nothing. But quite likely, there are school supplies on there – books, workbooks, pencils, and colored pencils.

Do you like Italian food?

Oh, yes! Almost any kind of Italian food is delicious. Little trivia about me: I prefer angel hair with my marinara rather than spaghetti. Spaghetti’s too thick for my taste.

Did you ever want a brother, twin, or sister when you were little?

Well, I had a younger brother (2 years and 4 months younger than me). Never really wanted a twin, but growing up with a brother always made me want a sister.

How far away is the nearest grocery store?

I’m really blessed to have two grocery stores within less than a mile of my house. On nice days, we walk for food.

What about you? Do you have good answers for any of these questions? Leave them for me in the comments!




  1. Sanz @ From The Mrs.

    I love that you are able to walk to the store. We have a two large grocery stores within a mile or two of our home but I’d never venture a walk there with little ones because the roads are insane, fast and busy. 🙁 Hopefully this comment works, I tried commenting on your Simplicity post with no luck. I think it’s me.

    • There’s only one super busy road between us & the store, and we cross it at a stoplight rather than walking on/along it.

      What was your comment on the other one? I hope something (relatively) good :). Blessings to you, Sanz!

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