Wednesday Chat #6


It’s Wednesday again! I hope you guys are having a great week. As usual, I’ve got a fresh set of questions from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.

Do you like (dried) beans? What do you like them in?

Dried beans are okay, but I like the convenience of canned beans better. I mostly only use dried pinto beans for making my own refried beans. For almost everything else, I use canned.

Does your house have enough storage?

Yes! But that’s because we don’t have that much stuff (out of choice). We have way more room than we (currently) need, but we’re not sure we’re done having kids yet, so it’s a bit of a tossup whether our next house will be this big or a little smaller…

Do you have any childhood memories of a store?

My mom used to work at a local pet store. She was best friends with the owner, which was how she got the job in the first place – she went from “best customer” to “employee.” In the summers, my brother and I would hang out at the store all. the. time. Sometimes we got to help with some of the work. My favorite thing to do was work the cash register.

Do you ever shop at a farmers’ market?

Oh yes! We love going to the farmers’ market in the summertime! We also have what our family calls “The Fruit Stand” here in town, which isn’t technically a farmers’ market, but is kind of similar. It’s an outdoor stand that sells only produce and a few dairy items (milk and eggs). Their stuff isn’t really any more local than the grocery store, but their prices are much better! A true farmers’ market is better, but the fruit stand is a nice way to get us through the week. (They’re open every day, whereas the farmers’ market is only once a week.)

Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Are you wise? 🙂

No. I got mine out when I was … 20, I think. Maybe 21. It was awful. Typically the recovery is supposed to be only two or three days, but I was out of commission for two weeks. Blech. As for being wise, I suppose it depends on who you ask ;).

Now it’s your turn. Answer one (or more) of the questions for me in the comments?




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