2017 Oregon State Fair (part 1)

We took the boys to the State Fair for the second year in a row, and it was really a lot of fun. This year, we did the real “fair” things and skipped the carnival rides. Today, I want to talk about Small Fry and one of his very favorite activities and how it related to the fair.

So, my 5-year-old just loves watching How to Cook That on YouTube. It’s a channel run by an Australian woman named Ann Reardon, and she makes all sorts of amazing cakes and other sweet treats. Small Fry especially enjoys watching the cake decorating tutorials. Until recently, his favorite was the Play-Doh bucket cake. In fact, I was going to make him that one for his birthday this year, but then we had to move and ended up not doing a party. How does an Australian woman’s YouTube channel relate to the Oregon State Fair? Well, front and center in the artists room was a whole series of elaborately decorated cakes! As you can imagine, this was really fun for us to see. We looked at all of them and each chose our favorite.

My favorite was this hot air balloon cake.


Munchkin’s favorite was this turtle cake.


And Small Fry, being the cake decorating “connoisseur” that he is, had a difficult time choosing. But in the end, he picked this Totem pole cake that was as tall as Will.


His runners-up were the Princess Castle cake


and the pirate cake.


More on the State Fair early next week 🙂


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