25 Weeks

Things are going well still. Dragonfly (that’s the blog nickname I came up with for new baby) is kicking and squirming all over the place. Occasionally, it can even be seen and felt from the outside. Everyone will be quite excited when that becomes a more regular occurrence and they can all feel him on a moderately regular basis.

At my doctor’s appointment this week, everything went really well. I’m measuring a week ahead, which is something I’ve never experienced. The other boys were all spot on for their gestational age, except for Small Fry toward the end; I was a little small with him. After my next appointment at the end of the month, I’ll have to do my glucose screening, but I’m not terribly concerned about that.

We (the doctor and I) had a moderately lengthy conversation about what I want to do when it’s time for the birth – the clinic she referred me to for VBAC care doesn’t take my insurance, so going there isn’t possible (paying out of pocket definitely isn’t in the budget). I wasn’t in a very good mental place when I found out about them not taking my insurance, so I sent an email to my doctor saying that maybe I should just have another c-section. But I know in my heart that that’s not the right answer either. She told me to think about it for a week or two and send her an email to let her know what I decide. If I still want to try for the VBAC, she’ll find a doctor who will take both me and my insurance. But I’ll be into the early part of my third trimester at my next appointment (where does the time go??), so the doctor change will have to happen fast after that. Although, it may all end up being a moot point if my low lying placenta doesn’t move. That’s considered a medically necessary c-section, not just an elective one, and I’d be okay with that.

Seahawk got to go with me to the appointment this week, which was nice. He was scheduled to have an immunization, so they said I could just bring him to my appointment instead of him needing to have his own. Since he was at church camp four weeks ago when we had the ultrasound appointment, I was glad he got to come to this one, even if it wasn’t as exciting. He loved hearing Dragonfly’s heartbeat (which is still a steady 150 beats a minute – it hasn’t changed since our second appointment), and even more so hearing baby kick at the Doppler. He thought that was basically hilarious. And I took him to get a muffin from the store for breakfast afterwards – he deserved it after having to get a painful shot.

That’s about it for baby updates.

I’ll start having pictures with my next post 🙂


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