30 Weeks (pregnancy update)

There’s not much to report this month, but there are a few things 🙂

First of all, a few days after my last pregnancy post, I decided to move forward with a scheduled c-section again this time. It was a tough decision; I’d originally had my heart set on a VBAC. But several things happened to change my mind. First, at my last ultrasound (in early July), the doctor diagnosed me with having a low-lying placenta. Through some internet research, I learned that this is one definition of placenta previa (where the placenta covers the cervix, making it impossible to have a traditional birth). Second, the local hospital isn’t VBAC friendly, which means that I’d have to go to a hospital farther away to attempt a regular birth. After talking to my insurance company and putting in a call (which was never returned) to that hospital asking if my insurance would pay for a birth there, I couldn’t get a straight answer. Combine both of these things with the fact that I ran a strong risk of ending up with a c-section anyway, and I decided that if I was going to have surgery, I wanted to have it less than a mile from my house rather than thirty miles away.

Secondly, I had my gestational diabetes testing last week. I failed the one-hour version miserably, but I knew I would; I did with both Munchkin and Small Fry already. Because my numbers were so high after the one-hour test (178 when the limit is around 130 or 140), I fully expected to fail the three-hour test as well. Within an hour of getting home from the hospital lab, I had an email telling me that my results were waiting for me in online chart. Hesitantly, I opened the website and logged in, fully prepared to be disappointed. I looked at the numbers first; thankfully the chart listed both the “must be below this” number and my actual results. Then I looked all over the rest of the screen. There was a message at the top that said something along the lines of “Only one of the values from the four blood draws was elevated. You do not have gestational diabetes.” I practically did a happy dance! When it said “elevated,” by the way, it was barely above the cutoff line – only two points. The rest of the numbers were ten or more points below the cutoff, so I was thrilled that I passed the test!

The other big news is that since I passed the 28-week mark, I’m officially in the third trimester. Only about 10 weeks to go! It’s hard to believe I’m nearing the end of this journey.


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I know I promised a picture last time, but I just don’t have one yet, and I wanted to get this post up. I’ll try to have one next week.

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