Nutcracker 2019

For four years running now, my boys have danced in a local production of The Nutcracker. We started in 2016, when I was taking ballet classes myself (I quit because it was hurting my feet; I need to get serious about weight loss so I can do ballet again). The first year, my oldest son (then 13) had the part of the toy soldier in the party scene. My second son was an “extra” in the party scene. Both danced the Russian/Trepak dance with their boys’ tumbling class. For their second year, they had the same parts.

The third year, 2018, my oldest got a promotion. He’d been working really hard, taking multiple ballet classes a week (15-20 hours’ worth), and he was awarded the coveted role of the Nutcracker himself. This left the part of the soldier open, which our second son stepped into seamlessly. This is the same year that our third son joined the boys’ class (the minimum age is 6, and he’d turned 6 that summer). All three danced the Trepak that year.

This year, all their roles were reprised. Because our second son started taking ballet this year, his Toy Soldier dance was expanded to include more ballet movements:


(Pardon the unfortunate angle – I filmed this from my spot in the audience during an actual performance.)

The Russian dance:


And finally, my oldest as The Nutcracker Prince with his Clara:


Ballet has been a very positive influence for my kids (even our 4-year-old takes class now – he’s the only boy in the “Baby Ballerinas” class!), and I wanted to take a moment to share it here. 


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