O, Canada {Part 2}

O Canada

So, you remember that I’m pregnant, right? Well, with that comes morning sickness. It’s just a part of the early stages of pregnancy, and while I don’t love it, I’m okay with it.

That was, I was okay with it with the three boys. With them, it was “eat a quick breakfast because there’s no way it’ll stay down. Throw it up, feel better for the rest of the day.” Annoying, but tolerable. Well, that has certainly NOT been the case this time around. It started the day before we left for Canada, and if we hadn’t already told the boys we were going on the trip, we probably would have postponed it. I was that sick.

But we had, so we didn’t. We went on the trip as planned.

We got through the border crossing, we bought gas, and from there, we traveled the half-hour or so to Langley (a suburb of Vancouver), where our hotel was. Once we were checked in, we got settled in the hotel (meaning we assigned beds – one for us and one for the boys – and found something to watch on the TV while we decompressed from the drive up). When everyone (but me) was feeling better, Will and Seahawk decided to go out exploring the town. They were gone for an hour or so. Munchkin and Small Fry played together while I rested, hoping to get feeling better. (At this point, I hadn’t been able to keep anything down – food or drink – in over 24 hours.)

When Will and Seahawk returned, they told us about the things we’d found, and we all decided to go out again. It wasn’t anything super non-American, but it was still neat to visit places like the Dollar Tree (which boasted “everything’s $1.25!”) and the mall. The kids’ biggest fascination with visiting Canada was that they could actually buy things with the Canadian money. (It looks nothing like American money. It’s very colorful, and the newer bills are plastic, not paper/cloth.)

After having dinner at a steakhouse (I just had soup, figuring it *might* be easy enough on my stomach that I could garner some nutrients from it, but if not, the broth would be easy on my throat coming up again). This was quite an experience, too. They had Burger King-style crowns for the kids, but instead of crowns, they were deer antlers. The menu had some familiar things on it (burgers and steaks, fish and chips), but also some unusual things (pasta, chicken sandwiches with decidedly non-American toppings). In the end, everyone pretty much played it safe except Will (who had one of the aforementioned chicken sandwiches).

After our night out in Langley, we headed back to the hotel to get the kids into bed and begin the wind-down process for the grownups as well. Because the next day, we were off to Vancouver!

***To be continued***


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