• Wendy

      Mmm, bread! Are there lots of good recipes in the bread book, Wren? At least you know which book to explore next now, though. 🙂

  1. Yumm! This sounds really good. I need another cookbook like I need a hole…well you know. I’ll have to put it on my list to check out though.

    • Wendy

      Haha, that’s funny, Kemi. You should definitely try to find it at your library though. The recipes are well worth a look, even if you don’t own the book.

  2. I think I recognize this woman from a TV show from years ago??? Your daily shopping is so interesting to me! (Probably because I hate grocery shopping and have been known to not go for 6 weeks before. HA!) 🙂 Do you ever buy things in bulk? Are you going for just a few specialty items each day? Curious to know more!

    • Wendy

      I recognized her name, but had never seen any of her shows. According to her bio, she was a winner on “The Next Food Network Star.” So I guess that’s where people would know her from. *shrug*

      For two weeks in a row now, I’ve done all the weekly shopping at once. We went to the store once or twice each week for a couple of things that I either forgot or didn’t get enough of. But so far, it’s working really well going once a week. I don’t know that I could go less than that at this point. I’m not that busy, even with three kids, so I just might go crazy if I didn’t have to spend that hour a week doing the shopping. But I do like going weekly. I feel like we’re spending less money this way, which is better for the budget. Not only are we spending less money at the store by shopping weekly instead of daily (which I don’t understand, because the same amount of food needs to be purchased, but whatever lol), but because our cupboards and fridge are stocked, and there’s a plan in place for what meals to eat, we’re eating out less. That alone is a huge win for our family. When there’s little or no food in the house, it’s too easy to say “Let’s just grab something.” Which, for a family of 5 – one of whom is a boy rapidly entering puberty (!) – is expensive.

      Even when we shopped daily, I would still buy things like chicken breasts in bulk and keep them in the freezer. Then on day 2 (or 3 or 4 or whenever), I would just buy other things to pair with the chicken.

      The next thing I need to tackle in this quest is using coupons and shopping the ads at stores. That may be a ways off though!

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