5 Random Things: March 5

5 random things

1. We’ve had a 4-day school week for a while now, but Will and I decided that since we took several weeks (I think it was 8 or 9) off after Dragonfly’s birth – I needed time to recover from my c-section, and then it was Christmastime – that we should move back to a 5 day week, at least for a while. Last week was our first week back at that schedule, and it went pretty well. Hopefully it won’t get too overwhelming getting everything prepped for the week over the weekend. That’s why we switched to the 4 day model in the first place.

2. We played tennis today for the first time of the season. It was fun πŸ™‚

3. Knitting is still going really well. After completing two pairs of baby booties, I’ve moved on to a baby cardigan. So far, so good on that, but I’m not to any of the difficult parts yet – sleeves and the yoke. I’ve ordered the double-pointed needles that I’ll need in order to make the sleeves. I’ve got plenty of work to do on the main part of the body before those arrive.

Cover-art-mockup-copy4. Speaking of knitting, Ravelry is my new favorite website. There are so many neat patterns on there! I look forward to trying some of them out as I continue to get better at this craft.

5. Will’s working diligently on his next book (more info on his website). He comes up with most of the ideas and does the drawing, but I do the final lettering on each of his comic strips, which means my fountain pen is getting a good workout these days πŸ™‚ The public library is hosting his book launch party on April 30th, and we’re really excited about that. It should be a great party.


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