1. Annie

    Thank you! There’s not much information on this curriculum yet, but this was a great review! I like the style of this program (I’m a natural speller and dread the thought of teaching spelling in a dry repetitive way where my boredom will be obvious to my kids), think I might order it!

    • Wendy

      Hi, there! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. This program is leaps and bounds better than a “spelling list.” After using it for nearly a year now, I need to put forth one word of warning: the program works IF you work through the slump that may or may not happen. We experienced it a couple of months after this review posted. Just keep moving through it, and if you see mistakes continuing, remind your child to think about the letter patterns they’re learning. And to SLOW DOWN when they’re writing. My son still isn’t an awesome speller, but he improves slowly, and so long as he’s not in a hurry, he can work through the words and usually get them right now. Which is better than he was a year ago when I wrote that review, and MUCH better than he was when we first started that curriculum.

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