Picture of the Week: Growing Up

PITW Growing Up
It’s hard sometimes to remember that Seahawk is 10, almost 11 (his birthday is in October). In generations past, this was the age boys started having “real jobs.” (Henry and the Paper Route, anyone?) That’s certainly not the case these days, but was it such a bad thing to give our children responsibility? I don’t think so. So this summer, Will is teaching Seahawk to mow the lawn. He did it under careful supervision, but completely independently. After just a few more times of doing it with Dad’s help, he’ll be a regular lawn-mowing fool!

What are your thoughts on “forced juvenilization” versus letting our kids grow up?




  1. Sanz @ From The Mrs.

    This is great for him! Our oldest LOVES to mow the lawn too and gets so excited every time it’s time to do it again! I think it is hard to see them grow up and at the same time I absolutely love who they are becoming! 🙂

  2. Extending childhood does a disservice to our boys. My boys look forward to mowing and driving the four-wheeler and all the things perceived as big kid activities. Sometimes, I am overly concerned when Dad does guy things with them, but I know he isn’t putting them in dangerous situations. Yesterday, after climbing into the new tree house, I said, “I’m not very good at being a boy mom. I just don’t understand them.” Quite frankly, I think it’s too high. They love it. DH said, “No mom understands her boys.” 🙂

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