Picture of the Week: Ouch!

In our temporary housing house, there’s a gas fireplace. This isn’t something we have a lot of experience with (our old house had a wood fireplace, but we moved out of there almost a year ago). Because it’s been so long since Dragonfly has really been around fire, he was a bit careless and accidentally touched the glass in front of the fire. I was right there, but you know kids – they go from fine to injured before you have a chance to even move and save them. I picked him up and got his hand under cold water immediately, and we kept ice on it for a long time after that, and it looked like it was going to be okay. There was no redness or anything. Fast forward two days, and it was very red. One more day after that, and it had blistered up (nearly his entire pinky finger was affected) and was full of liquid. At this point, I took him right to the urgent care clinic (because it was a Sunday). While we were there waiting for the doctor, the blister popped and left a puddle on the floor. The doctor came in shortly thereafter and cut away the dead skin and put a burn dressing on his little hand. Now it’s been a few more days, and while I think he’ll have quite the scar when he’s done healing, he is in fact healing. And we (Dragonfly as well as the rest of us) are being much more careful around that hearth!

This is about midway through the healing process. It got quite a bit worse for a couple of days, but is now much better (though still healing).

This is about midway through the healing process – after the redness showed up but before the blister did. It got quite a bit worse for a couple of days, but is now much better (though still healing).


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  1. Poor guy! Ouch! I didn’t realize the glass on a gas fireplace could get that hot. We had one eons ago when the Sweet Peanut was 4 (and then it broke and we didn’t fix it) but we used it very rarely.

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