Picture of the Week: Sweaters for Elephants

I came across this article earlier in the week, and it was something I definitely wanted to share because elephants are my absolute favorite animals. So for Picture of the Week this week, I’m sharing something that’s not about our family…

India is going through quite the cold snap, and one of the elephant refuges is concerned about their charges. To combat the cold, they’ve enlisted the help of some local ladies to knit giant sweaters for the elephants. What a cool thing to do!!


There are even more pictures, as well as good information, in the article I linked above. I encourage you to check it out.


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  1. Hello,
    This is the first time I an seeing sweater for elephants. The idea is really good. And the elephant seems to be very happy with their new dress.
    Can you say how many days it took to finish, and how much yarn does it took?

    • Wendy

      The article says that each elephant sweater takes about 4 weeks to complete. It didn’t mention how much yarn, though. A lot!

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