1. Enjoyed reading your post today. Loved the new clothes. I also enjoyed reading about the Coobie Bra. Never heard of it – but – I googled it!! 😀 Looks so comfy. I’m thinking of ordering one!!!

    • Thanks, Elaine! The Coobie bra is awesome! Like I said in the post, I highly recommend it. Lots of support, no underwire, and no seams. It’s like the perfect hybrid of a sport bra and a traditional one. I can’t wait to get all of mine replaced with them. Oh, and they’re “one size fits all” so you don’t even have to deal with sizing. Really a perfect product :).

  2. Your new clothes are cute!! I do have a question though, with so few clothes don’t you spend way more time washing them and therefore putting more wear and tear on them than having several outfits? I like the minimalist idea but hate to wash…..

    • Thanks :). I don’t wash my clothes every day, only when they’re dirty (like when Small Fry spit chewed up apple on me yesterday lol) or if it’s been 3 or so wears. That helps alleviate wear on the clothes (washing is harder on them than wearing is) and laundry. We have enough socks & undies to last a week, so I typically wash clothes 2x a week to be “safe.”

  3. Wait a sec…am I understanding correctly? This is everything you have in your wardrobe? You are amazing! I am super impressed. I love the idea of the minimalist lifestyle, but I’m definitely not there! I read the book “7” (you should totally read it!), which led me to count how many items I have in my closet. It was an obscene and ridiculous amount. What led you guys on this path? Anything major or just little things and ideas here and there?

    • That’s it. Well, almost. I have 1 pair of shorts, but they don’t get worn much. For some reason, I’m not “ready” to donate them though. I also have 5 pairs of socks, 8 pairs of undies, and 3 bras. My husband started exploring minimalism around 18 months ago, maybe 2 years at the most. The thinking is that we want to be ready if/when God calls us away to be missionaries – or even just to live somewhere else. We want to able to just say, “Yes, Lord,” and not have to deal with selling or donating a million things. It makes moving easier too :). I don’t feel like we’re there yet (who am I kidding?? I’m not there yet lol. He totally is). My weakness is kitchen supplies. No one’s perfect ;). Thanks for the book rec. I’ll take a look at the library next time I’m there – do you know who it’s by?

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