Super Easy, No-Sew Scarfs

Do you have a last-minute gift you need to get for someone? Want to give something semi-homemade but don’t have the time to really make something? Look no further; I have the perfect gift idea for you!


This is a simple cheat I learned from my late mother-in-law years ago, but never really put to use until this year. You see, I was planning to crochet scarves for the nieces and nephews to go with the hats I made for them last year. Problem is, it’s nearly impossible to find the time – and free hands – to crochet with a newborn. So I needed another option that I could do on a limited budget while still keeping with the spirit of the gift I had in mind. Enter the no-sew fleece scarf!

Fleece is the ideal fabric for this project because the cut edges don’t fray. That’s really important in keeping with the no-sew aspect for these. All you have to do is cut the fabric into strips – whatever width you’d like. I chose several different fabrics and had the lady at the cutting counter at JoAnn cut me off quarter-yard quantities. This gave me strips that were 9×42 inches – just about perfect for a child’s scarf. When I got the strips home, I cut off the selvage ends and then used my fabric scissors to cut “fringe” into the ends of the scarves. Then I tied knots at the top of each piece of fringe, but if you’re in a real hurry, this step is completely unnecessary. That’s it! A super easy, fun gift for kids that takes about $2 worth of fabric and 5 minutes of your time. Fabulous!


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