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Have you heard of Tinybeans? It’s like a photo sharing app, but without the requirement to share (like Instagram has).

I first heard about it in one of my emails from Mom365, the company that took Dragonfly’s hospital photographs. They sold it as simply a way to view those photographs on my phone. I thought that was a pretty cool idea, so I downloaded the app, and since I’ve become a bit more familiar with it, I’m finding that I like it more and more. Here are some of my favorite features:

The Calendar

Tinybeans encourages you to take at least one photograph per day in order to make sure you don’t miss any memories as your children grow. To aid in that, the photographs are arranged on a calendar rather than just in a “list” or “thumbnails.” The calendar format is nice because you can see at a glance exactly which days you have pictures from and which you don’t. This is very helpful if you intend to go back later and use your photos for anything – a gift for the grandparents or a family yearbook, for example.

The Reminder

Each evening at 6:00, if I haven’t taken any photos in my Tinybeans app yet, my phone chimes and reminds me to take at least one picture for the day. This reminder is good for days that are too busy with errands (and therefore not very “photogenic”) or too boring (when nothing “photo-worthy” happened). Even on those kinds of days, it’s nice to have memories.

Other Stuff

  • Besides being organized in a calendar format, Tinybeans allows you to mark who is in a specific photograph with just the tap of an icon (once you add in all of your children to your journal, that is).
  • You can add videos to Tinybeans, not just still pictures.
  • If you are a social butterfly who wants to share your photos and videos, it’s easy to do that as well, so long as the people you want to share with also have the Tinybeans app.
  • It’s free. Those are my favorite kinds of apps!
  • You can order gift items straight from the Tinybeans website that are comparably priced to the local digital photo services places. (In my case, a lot cheaper!) These include things like photo books, canvas prints, mugs, pillows, throw blankets, and many, many more.

I hope you’ll take a few moments to check out Tinybeans. It’s totally worth it!


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I’m not affiliated with Tinybeans in any way. I was not asked to write this post. In fact, Tinybeans doesn’t even know I exist. I’ve just discovered this app recently and thought it was really great, so I wanted to share about it all on my own.

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