Elephant and Piggie

One of our very favorite book series is Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems. Have you read those? If not, stop reading right now, go to your library and pick one up, read it, and come back.

I’ll wait.




Funny, right?

Sadly, with the publication of the most recent Elephant and Piggie book, The Thank You Book, the series is over. There are 25 adventures featuring these two, and it’s been a great ride. In honor of the event, our local library hosted an Elephant and Piggie party, which featured loads of different crafts and photo opportunities for the children. There was also a drawing, the prizes for which were a selection of books (one per winner) or a stuffed toy (one Elephant Gerald and one Piggie).


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We took the boys to the party, not entirely sure what to expect. But we knew that we wanted to attend because Small Fry is a huge fan of these books. It was really sweet to see him getting so involved in these activities. Even today, almost a week later, he’s got all of his paper crafts (paper bag puppets, learn to draw the characters, write a letter to the characters, things like that) in a place of honor at the foot of his bed for “safekeeping.”

And on Tuesday (the first day the library was open after the party), we got a phone call letting us know that he’d won a book. That was one happy boy!


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  1. Jenny Arsenault

    We’ve got a few and your little guy frequently asks if he can look at them when he’s over:-) We love them too!

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