Hobo Spider Update

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If you read my Picture of the Week post last Friday, you’ll remember that we caught a large spider in the boys’ bedroom. The “monster” was crawling across Small Fry’s pillow as he was getting ready to change into his pajamas, and it caused the 3-year-old to scream in terror.

The next day, we took the creature to the county etymologist’s office. The official etymologist wasn’t working that day (Friday), so they kept the spider and said to come back on Monday. Well, the verdict was still out when we called to check in on Monday, so we went back in today (Wednesday) for the final explanation for the animal we’d caught. Turns out it wasn’t a hobo spider after all. It was just an oversize (read: older) common house spider. Nothing to be afraid of, outside of its enormity. While the spider was huge and frightening, I’m glad to know none of us were in any real danger.

And now the boys have a new bug for their collection of framed bugs. (The county extension office, where the etymologist works out of, killed the spider in a way that preserves it – by drowning it in rubbing alcohol. We just have to let it dry out a little bit now before we (well, Will and the kids) frame it.


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