Picture of the Week: O Christmas Tree


We spent an evening this week decorating our Christmas tree. Going out to one of the fundraiser sites where they sell real trees (for a bargain, usually) and then coming home to decorate it has become one of our favorite Christmas traditions. For a long time, we used an artificial tree, but two years ago we switched to a real one and haven’t looked back. There’s something special about having a real tree for Christmas – and oh, the scent! It’s absolutely lovely.

This year’s tree is quite a bit larger than any we’ve had before, including our old artificial ones, so we combined both our rustic ornaments (an old tree branch that we found outside, sliced, and drilled holes in as well as some of those cinnamon scented pinecones from the store) with the “glass” (really plastic) balls. We also have a few non-conforming ornaments – some angels, each of the children’s “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments, and a few that the kids have made over the years. Overall, we’re thrilled with this year’s tree. It’s perfect!

(Dragonfly isn’t in this picture because he was happily snoozing in his baby swing while we did the decorating. He was right near us this way, but everyone who could help, did, without having to hold the baby.)


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