Picture of the Week: Football!

PITW football


In honor of the Super Bowl this week, the kids decided to dress up in football “uniforms” and play outside for a little while. I have no doubt that Seahawk was the mastermind behind this, since he’s the biggest football fan in the family. He had some birthday money a few months ago, and he used it to buy the Seahawks jersey and helmet (which he then wore for Halloween). Munchkin’s helmet is technically a softball helmet that we bought from Goodwill for Halloween 2013 – Seahawk went as a football player that year, too. When he bought his official helmet, he passed the other one down. Munchkin is actually a Baltimore Ravens fan (no idea where that came from considering we don’t live near – or have ever traveled to – Baltimore), so to make the softball helmet “his,” he drew his interpretation of the Ravens logo on paper and taped it onto the helmet. (He’s currently saving his allowance for a Ravens version of the set Seahawk has.) Small Fry’s helmet is a knight helmet that my dad bought him from the Dollar Tree. [Read more…]

Picture of the Week: A Black Eye


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Instagram followers will probably recognize this picture (which looks better on the small screen of my phone, lol)…

Last week (9 days ago, to be exact), Seahawk and Small Fry were playing while I worked on something with Munchkin. Suddenly I hear crying (Small Fry) and frantic apologizing (Seahawk), and they come out to see me. Turns out that while they were horsing around, Small Fry came tumbling down and crashed his face right into Seahawk’s knee. (Don’t ask me how that happened…) Within just an hour or so, he had a definite black eye. This picture was taken two days later, and you can see that it’s still quite bruised. Well, today, it’s been a week since this photo, and his poor eye is still all black and blue. He is starting to get some of the green tinge that tells me he’s healing, but it’s still rather surprising how long this black eye is lasting.

Have a great weekend!


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Picture of the Week: Wildlife Safari

Yesterday, as you know, was New Year’s Day. Will took the day off from work and wanted us to do something awesome as a family. We chose to visit Wildlife Safari, a “roaming zoo” about 150 miles away from where we live. I plan to do a longer post on our trip next week, so I’m not going to talk about it much here, but I wanted the Picture of the Week to be a bit of a teaser of things to come. 😉

Why, yes, that is an emu attacking our car!

Why, yes, that is an emu attacking our car!

Have a great weekend!


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Picture of the Week: Cranberries are Not Good!


I bought fresh cranberries at Thanksgiving time to make fresh sauce to take to my in-laws’ for dinner, and then what did I do? Forgot to make it or bring the berries to have it made while we were there. So I ended up with two bags of fresh cranberries in my fridge the week after Thanksgiving. Because they weren’t of the “sweetened dried” variety, I’m not sure how to use these cranberries in any way other than to make sauce, so I did that one night last week to go with a roasted chicken. As I was pulling the berries out of the fridge, Small Fry was right up with me, begging for a berry. What he didn’t know was that uncooked, unsweetened cranberries are not very palatable. So I handed him one, knowing what his reaction would be, and told him to wait a minute to eat it until I could get the camera ready. His response was pretty much exactly what I expected: a disgusted face and pulling that berry out of his mouth just as fast as he could! My camera shutter was a bit too slow to capture the face, but you can see him frantically scraping his tongue. What a funny boy! [Read more…]

Picture of the Week: In the Rain


rain collage cbw

It’s officially the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest. To “celebrate,” we purchased the boys (all of them, including Will) new rain boots, and a raincoat for Small Fry (which he is not wearing in these pictures – these were taken before we left, and we bought the coat while we were out that day). Will and Small Fry have never had any, and Seahawk and Munchkin either outgrow or wear out theirs each year. Mine are two years old but still in good shape, so I didn’t get new ones. When Will brought the boots home one night earlier this week, Small Fry was so excited! The kids were already in bed but not asleep, so Will let them out to try on their new boots. Small Fry and Munchkin got matching pairs; this is likely the last year Munchkin will have “fun” ones before he’s into the bigger sizes that come in black.

The morning after Will brought them home (the only way to convince Small Fry to go to bed was to promise him that he could wear his boots again in the morning), it was raining, so we all put on our jackets and boots and walked to the store. Small Fry absolutely loved going out in the rain with his boots on. There’s something magical about walking (and jumping) in puddles and staying dry!



Picture of the Week: 3 Brothers

3 brothers


We’ve been walking a lot lately. Small Fry usually rides in his stroller, but he would almost always prefer to walk as well, and sometimes we let him. It really all depends on how big a hurry we’re in to get to where we’re going. The other day was one of the happy days when he got to walk, and the three boys were just too adorable walking in front of us to not document.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Picture of the Week: My New Bike


We’ve been having quite a bit of car issues lately. I’m not going to go into the details here, but suffice it to say that we’ve decided to focus on biking rather than driving, at least until the rainy season hits. Then we’ll reevaluate. My previous bike was a pretty good one – a 70s or 80s beach cruiser that we picked up from a thrift store about a year ago. It was great for getting us back into biking, because it was really just a grownup version of a kid bike (one speed, pedal brakes). As we’ve been biking more and more lately (Will and the boys for the past several months, me for the past couple of weeks), it was clear that a single speed bike in our town just wouldn’t cut it. You see, you don’t notice it in a car, or really even on foot, but our town is quite hilly. Getting to downtown was fine; coming home was the problem (it’s about 3 miles each way). Pedaling a single speed bike up those hills was hard. So a couple of weeks ago, we started bike shopping. We found this one at the local big box store, and Will and I both immediately gravitated toward it. We’d look at it a couple of times a week, and we even got permission to take it for a test ride (around the outdoor – but fenced in – garden center). We just knew that this was destined to be my bike. So we saved up, got a few windfalls, and finally bought it. And let me tell you, it’s an absolute dream to ride! The hills are still a bit of work, but nothing compared to what they are on the cruiser. I couldn’t be happier with this new purchase!

And in case you’re wondering, since the photo was taken, we’ve taken the rack off of the back and replaced it with a baby seat for Small Fry. That little guy just adores going for bike rides!



P.S. In case you’re interested in the details, or want to get one of these for yourself, it’s in the Schwinn 700C family of city bikes.